Solutions For Institutes

Coaching institutes are playing an important organised role in providing both complementary and supplementary education to students. Today they are very much part of the education ecosystem. With a host of players in the field, coaching institutes are trying to make a name in the crowd. MBD Alchemie has accordingly come up with an array of solutions for the coaching institutes. MBD Alchemie has developed a teaching aid with the help of animations, voice-overs and graphics for presenting the contents of various subjects, thereby making the teaching of abstruse and abstract concepts of various subjects very easy.

This teaching aid gives an added advantage to classroom teaching in the coaching institutes by providing ample time for the teachers to interact with the students; and handy day-to-day examples, models of assignments, activities, projects and question banks on various subjects.

Topics like the process of DNA replication in Biology, measuring heights and distances in Trigonometry, Bohr's atomic model in Chemistry and nuclear fission and fusion in Physics can easily be taught through MBD Alchemie's multimedia content. While making teaching effective, the teaching aid helps allay the boredom and stress of students associated with learning, thereby ensuring optimum acquisition as well as retention of students in a coaching institute.