Solutions For The Government

In the context of the government assuming a significant role in providing quality education in the country, MBD Alchemie has been nurturing a pool of educational experts who are well-equipped to assist the government in fulfilling its constitutional obligation vis-a-vis education. MBD Alchemie duly acknowledges the role of education behind Sri Lanka`s spectacular growth story over the years.

MBD Alchemie is keen to partner with the Government of Sri Lanka with of its bouquet of solutions in the form of Digital Classroom and Digital Library.

Digital Library

Digital library is an important milestone in the path of quality education. It is an improvisation on the traditional library; a storehouse of information and knowledge on various subjects presented through multimedia, digital libraries Can be accessed by teachers and students easily for reference and study. Setting up of a digital library is very simple. The computers available in a government-run school can be utilised in an optimum manner by installing the multimedia contents and converting the same into a digital library. MBD Alchemie has the expertise to provide necessary solutions to the government in setting up digital libraries.