Teacher Training

The ability to bond and relate with students overcoming the generation gap is what makes good teachers. The processes of teaching and learning have seen a paradigm shift over the years. Education has traditionally been thought to help student's comprehension of concepts and theories, but today it focuses imperatively on grooming student's analytical and application skills.

Students today multi-task: they not only study and understand concepts, but go a step further and learn to analyse and apply them to practical situations. Teachers are also working in a more regulated environment with technology; blending the experience of teachers with innovations in education and adopting them in the learning arena is a win-win formula for teaching and learning. The vocation-centric idea of education has resulted in an extensive change in the very definition of good education.

New dimensions in education have made it important for teachers to acquire necessary training that will help them become more effective in imparting knowledge, class management, instilling values and overall facilitation for student's development. With the growing importance of specialisation across the world, the need for trained teachers is now being felt; trained teachers are seen as invaluable assets in a highly competitive world.

Our teacher-training programmes provide induction to the latest developments as per National Curriculum Framework, NCERT and CBSE. We also conduct workshops to help teachers understand responsive and responsible teacher-student interactions; project-based learning; inclusive education; and new and latest pedagogical techniques.